Ken Tsujimoto
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Print Ad, One-Off, Graphic Design

Experiencing hair loss? This product has got you covered—literally. Toppik uses hair building fibers made of colored Keratin to help hide thinning hair and bald spots and get full hair instantly.

With "When Life Takes a Bite" as the big idea, this print ad is targeted at zoomers to tell them that there is a simpler solution to their hair loss than wigs and hair transplants.

CW: Adrianna Casuga  |  CO-AD: Sasha Ortega


Print Ad, One-Off, Graphic Design

Canada signed the UN declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples on May 10th, 2016. However, signing and enacting are two different things. 

The lack of action from the Canadian government, and the mistreatment of indigenous people had to be addressed. To encourage the nation to stand behind indigenous communities, we visualized the effect of Trudeau's hollow promise to them. His very signature was intended to give them a voice, but rather made them even more voiceless.

Canada's first, but treated last.  

AC: Geordie Macintosh  |  CW: Mark Delisi  |  CO-AD: Katharina Vivian


Print Ad, One-Off, Graphic Design

Japan is a nation of beauty, elegance and rich culture. The flag is at heart this, and was used to portray the simplicity and essence of Japanese tourism.